Asset Management


The most important part of our mission is to get to know you the client. With this knowledge, we can develop a plan to nurture and grow your assets. We believe that risk is best deployed in measured dosages and generally we discourage excessive risk taking. As a result of that we have become a fan of income portfolios and their lower volatilities and more predictable returns. As a fee only fiduciary, we try to guide you to a predictable outcome.


Our clients utilize several different custodians, also referred to as Broker Dealers. They tend to be National in scale and discounted in terms of price. Our clients open accounts and deliver assets to these custodians. They then give us limited authority to execute investment decisions in the account.

East End Wealth Management does not accept or custody client funds nor does it retain any monies from transacting trades on those funds. Simply, we manage assets for a yearly fee and bill that fee on a monthly basis to your account in arrears. So, if the money that we have under management rises, we get a raise and conversely, if it falls we make less, based on month end values.

We think that this removes a lot of the basic conflicts that occur in our industry.


We monitor client accounts daily and encourage communication about your progress. We cannot anticipate every possibility but do develop contingency plans in case of some unexpected event.